Monday, October 13, 2008

A quiz for cultist New Age morons

Please read this article about "Dr. Martin King."


A consultant was sacked by a Birmingham hospital following an internal inquiry into why a breast cancer patient died just 48 hours after having reconstructive surgery.
University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, which runs the Queen Elizabeth and Selly Oak hospitals, ended Dr Martin King’s contract on September 18.
Debbie Yardley, of Quinton, was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2003 - six months after a mammogram which showed tissue abnormalities was misplaced by staff, and as a result she was not recalled for further treatment.
Just weeks later, on July 2, doctors revealed the cancer had spread and the 45-year-old mother underwent a double mastectomy. Two years later Mrs Yardley underwent reconstructive breast surgery at Selly Oak Hospital.
But Dr King failed to notice after the six-hour surgery, when staff removed a ventilation tube, that she suffered a laryngospasm which caused the larynx to close, stopping air getting to her lungs, and as a result she suffered a cardio respiratory arrest.
Independent experts later found that Mrs Yardley has been given more than double the recommended dose of Bupivacaine, which is believed to have contributed to her death.

OK, now here is a multiple choice list, please choose one reason you believe that Mrs Yardley died:

1. The doctor and the hospital seem to have performed incompetently and thus caused her to die.

2. She had "bad planets" in her horoscope chart "Cancer" sector.

3. She was a bad or sad lady in a "previous life" and "deserved to die" to "restore the balance."

4. The doctor has the name of a famous black man USA Civil Rights leader, and he was assassinated, and so it is "karma" that the doctor should cause the death of some woman to "make up" for Dr. Martin Luther King beign assassinated.

5. She was infested with "body thetans" left behind by the evil Xenu and she didn't spend hundreds of thousands of dollars with $cientology to become "super human" and thus "not get cancer."

6. God is really mean and picked on her for some reason.

7. She was "reincarnated" from the Titanic, and thus having died "under water" she had trouble breathing during the surgery and that caused her larynx to close (never mind it not being noticed or the inappropriate treatment of drug overdosing she is suspected to have received).

8. She had lots of "past lives" as a "man" and thus her "present body shell" was "confused" when she had female breasts, and thus "rejected them."

Readers, I wish I was kidding and exhibiting sick humor but I am not. I have had years of evil people actually wishing that I would get cancer because they believed one of the above answers. Seriously.

Um, the correct answer is of course the first one. Everything else is the product of a sick mind that makes even the genuine Satan blush. God will punish all of you who have thought this way and acted based on those beliefs.

Oh, and just so you know I don't hold a grudge. I've decided that I will resume being compassionate, loving and caring of cancer patients (yes, even the blaspheming idolaters who are going to hell anyway), but just to show "respect" for your "beliefs," I guess I won't actually pray for you and act on that compassion until Pluto ("my ruling planet") enters that wonderful sign of "compassion" "Pisces." Cheerio until then, cancer suffering cultists.