Saturday, March 29, 2008

Despite pop belief Satan is very quiet

There's not much left for him to do. Like people who cannot stop being self cutters, the people of the world have messed things up in so many thousands of ways, continually, that the big guy is laying low, and has been for years now. Even the jinn are not so busy because so many humans have in their arrogance "appointed" themselves to those roles. Humans have really pushed Satan out of a "job," ha, in their manic pursuit of disbelief, distortion and depravity. When people pray to St. Michael to guard them against the "snares of the devil," all St. Michael can do is raise his eyebrows (so to speak) as he sees Satan lying low and the only snares are those humans continue to set for themselves, snares that will cost them their lives, their health, their loved ones, their sanity and ultimately their salvation.