Saturday, September 13, 2008

Am so sad for victims of LA trains crashing

It is just a terrible and sad thing. I was a daily train commuter for many years and grew up in a "railroad town" near the tracks, and I just feel such sadness for all who were killed, terribly injured, traumatized and for the suffering families and loved ones.

I want to make a mention of appreciation for heavy equipment operators, who are essential to these rescues and recoveries. I marvel how they get the equipment in place where there is such unexpected terrain (as they have to get to wherever the accident occurred), lift such heavy wreckage, and yet do it delicately so that rescuers can get within safely and that for those who may survive the odds, that they do not harm any who might be trapped within. Seeing the photos from this accident it reminded me of the iron workers and heavy equipment operators at the World Trade Center. I think these heavy equipment operators all deserve a lot of ongoing credit and appreciation, in addition to the many rescue services.

Prayers and condolences for all involved.