Friday, September 26, 2008

Extending my analogy to Muslims

In a previous blog posting I commented that orthodox scholarly Jews "get" (comprehend) God on a fundamental level more than anyone else, due to their extensive and still valid history and interaction with God as his Chosen People.

I also commented that Christians "get" (comprehend) salvation. This is because the Savior Jesus Christ brought the New Covenant that indicates God's loving plan for salvation of humanity and personalized it in a way that believers co-operate with God in their individual and faith community hope for salvation.

I wanted to extend this analogy to the Muslim branch of this great Abrahamic monotheistic one God family of believers. Muslims "get" (comprehend) obedience to God. Of the three Abrahamic faiths Muslims have the great dignity of most understanding how to obey God's will. Through the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH) Muslims understand that God did not make faith and obedience to be an onerous and difficult chore. As we see the great demonstration of obedience and faith during Ramadan, I wanted to be sure to complete in this posting my musings on how I see all three perceive and respond to the same all knowing and powerful God.