Sunday, September 21, 2008

They are concerned about hotel security

Years ago I favored their hotel in London, staying there frequently for both business and personal travel. I liked it (even had my first venison in their restaurant) and thought it was a good place with professional staff.

Unfortunately I discovered the staff were deliberately indiscreet about both my personal stay at the hotel and also about what I would call my "work," the days before my public ministry. Thus they spied and reported on both my personal intimate activities with loved ones AND about what they thought were my routine decisions which they provided to occult followers. (Cultists monitor and manipulate all sorts of ordinary daily activities, thinking that they are "clues" to things like bogus past lives, future "foretune telling," etc. It is anti-God in every respect).

No one need wonder how terrorists know who is staying in hotels and what they are up to. Don't need to hire high priced consultants to figure that out. Just look at what has been done to me over the decades.

Ironic when staff that blabs and violates privacy then feels the heat, sometimes.