Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I enjoy Billy Graham's column very much

Reverend Billy Graham has a daily column that the paper I buy most days carries and I enjoy it very much. It is called "My Answer" and each column answers one question from a reader. I really enjoy reading his answers and his linkages to scripture, and praise his pastoral wisdom.

In fact, I've started clipping each column and then inserting them in one of my Protestant bibles according to the scripture he cites in his answer. You might enjoy doing the same thing. It's yet another way that scripture and the Bible becomes alive in a real daily basis.

As a Catholic of course I might phrase and tweak a few little things in his answer differently, maybe five percent at most! *wink* But his great spirit of love for Jesus Christ and God, and his wisdom, compassion and common sense are wonderful and I fully endorse his answers.