Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bible Reading: Psalms 57:7

They have set a trap for my feet;
my soul is bowed down;
They have dug a pit before me.
May they fall into it themselves! ...Selah

A psalm written by King David. This psalm (plus several others) is actually annotated with the name of the melody that accompanying musicians were to use for this psalm, which was "Do not destroy." Interesting to imagine what that melody might have sounded like.

By the way, one thing I am soooooo tired of are these evil fruitcake "New Agers" and "spiritual" people who constantly talk about "karma" and "what goes around comes around" as if that is something that is "of the universe" and not of God.

This excerpt from sacred scriptures indicates quite clearly that the concept is original to God, not to flaky spiritualists. Those who dig a pit for the innocent are likely to fall into it themselves ("what goes around comes around") except that this is of God's will, if it takes place, because only God knows the entire picture of when to allow those to fall into their own traps, and when to extend one more time mercy to allow for repentance, remediation and conversion. The idea of "karma" is like a machine and is soul less, and therefore totally in error. By understanding that "what goes around comes around" is ultimately in an all-knowing God's hands, one realizes and should be humbled that when such "comeuppance" is not delivered then God in his wisdom is allowing for the work of spirit and mercy to take place. The pseudo-ancient but definitely modern "karma new age" view of this is machine-like and not acknowledging that God extends many chances for those who may deserve chastisement to avoid it so that they can feel his wisdom and mercy and repent.