Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My blogging may be sparse

It's not that I don't want to, far from it, I wish I could do more, lacking the ability to teach in person. But there are three things going on.

One is that I am a bit fatigued. Two is that when I'm fatigued and feeling arid I tend to retreat into more artistic and hobby activities. This morning I made a collage that is an Icon of Jesus over laid upon a painting of a singing sparrow (remember his parable on this subject).

The third and main reason is this is one of those "astrological times" where cultists decide that I need to have inconsistent communications to fulfill their expectations about what stupid imaginary planetary "forces" order, and so they have done their usual hassling of my connectivity and so forth. That's one reason I still run astrology charts every day; it helps me to prepare for the various tired and nasty forms of harassment that they trundle out of the closet on the same tired predictable "astrological occasions." If astrology had any truth they'd not have to do trickery, but that's always been the point of the problem, as the Bible warns and explains. Charltons claim special powers and "spirituality" but it's the same old sad tricks.

On a lighter note I've started writing a little book of memoirs about my observations of the world and society as a child. I'm writing it in longhand in a notebook to avoid Internet snoops ruining the surprise and the pleasantry of it all.