Friday, September 26, 2008

With every day I am more and more enraged

Life should be good, sweet and simple. Yet every day I am forced to witness non-believers and worse, "believers" who have established their own cultist rules, infecting the glorious faiths, either openly or secretly, drain all of the goodness, love, faith and obedience out of humanity.

Today a cultist tool driving a car with one of the favorite cultist "numbers" on his license plate deliberately swerved his car in front of me, nearly causing a crash, right here in my apartment parking lot. I followed him to where he parked and chastised him, and to his credit, he took it like a man and said he was sorry (though I suspect that the whole point of this was to force me to be frightened and then to have dialogue with one of them). They do everything according to a script and timetable based on astrology and garbage. And so even though I constantly expect trouble it was a very serious close call, and I was able to slam on my brakes just about four or five feet from collision.

The reason I am writing this is to repeat to all cultists who hang on my every word so that they can twist and distort it to sooth their own delusional minds, what I said to the young man driving that car.

I said, "Dude. I mean no disrespect. But you have to understand that I don't care about me. It's the children who are playing here. There are little children at these apartments who do not even come up to the top of your car wheels, and you would not see them. I just had to be careful when I was backing out of my parking space just now."

I don't know how many times I have to repeat to all of you that you are hurting yourselves and risking the littlest ones among you (for those of you who actually care and don't think of living and playing children as "Darn, they are the ones that got away from abortion.") Whenever you do cultist scripts and stunts directed at me, or at others, you endanger many more than you realize. That's what hurts me, beside the obvious that you seek to harm me when I've done nothing but care about the welfare of all humans. But how can you constantly act out such bad thoughts and follow them up with "reality show" deeds that do endanger the little ones, who never asked to be part of this cesspooling of "spirituality?" Every risky deed you do and every "acting out" of mouthy and double meaning messages through the media goes into little ears and little eyes and harms the most innocent. Why do you keep doing this? I want to know, although of course, God knows, sees all, remembers and will respond in his own time. And you won't like it. I implore you to stop because like I said, you've already ruined my life, thwarted the goodness of my mission, and destroyed the love and joy I felt for humans. But why do you keep harming those babies and children? After all, it was your "caregivers" and "gurus" who harmed YOU all in this way, pouring poison in your minds from the earliest ages, and forcing you to do unnatural things to defy God and glorify cultists on their own ego trips. Why do you perpetuate this when you know better by now?