Sunday, September 21, 2008

It is the worst when doctors go bad

LUCKNOW: Two doctors were arrested for allegedly committing fraud by failing to inform a father that his child had died during treatment, police said on Thursday.

Dr Mirza Waqar Beg and Dr Satish Kumar on Wednesday taken into the custody after complainant Shahid Pervez alleged that the doctors kept the body of his dead son in their private hospital for non-payment of dues, they said.

He also alleged in his report lodged on April l7 in Kaiserbagh police station that doctors committed fraud from him by not disclosing that his son, who was admitted to the neonatal ward of the hospital, had died during the treatment.

Pervez alleged that the doctors had kept the infant, who died at midnight, on a ventilator till the morning. Later, postmortem report revealed timing of death.

The arrests were made after preliminary enquiry suggested alleged involvement of doctors in the fraud, police added.

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(When God is judging them they will wish they had been poor and in the morgue instead of the poor baby and tormented father, because God will assuredly thrust them in hell for all eternity, unrepentant).