Sunday, August 3, 2008

Read about this amazing couple, 80 yrs married

Nellie Grimes was 7 and Carl Herman, 6, in 1915 when they first laid eyes on each other in a one-room Kansas schoolhouse in the middle of the Dust Bowl.

They hit it off and began walking to school together from their nearby family farms. When the weather was bad, they'd jump on Nellie's dad's horse and let it take them to school.

Their friendship grew to love and on Aug. 18, 1928, Nellie and Carl tied the knot in the pastor's parsonage in Reserve, Kan.

Nellie, now 99, and Carl, 98, will be celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary in a few weeks surrounded by a family tree that has grown to more than 100 members since they got hitched.

"It's pretty incredible to think their marriage has lasted 80 years when a lot of marriages these days don't last 80 days," says Ben Herman, oldest of the couple's five children. He's 79.

It is pretty incredible - even more so when you know the humble, harsh beginning 80 years ago when a couple of kids, not yet even 20 years old, were starting a family during the Great Depression on farms smack in the middle of the infamous Dust Bowl.

If you want to put faces on the tough, pioneer spirit of this country, look at Nellie and Carl Herman.

"We stayed with both our families off and on after we were married, but it became harder and harder to raise crops in the middle of that dry Dust Bowl and support both families," Nellie says.

Awesome! God bless their whole family.