Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another charity from my Christmas idea list

I have just donated $50 to an organization that I've supported with great pride for many years, Project Hope. Read this history to understand true American generosity and use of a Navy ship that is genuinely spiritual. So now I can add another charity reminder box under my tree.


Serving as a medical officer aboard a destroyer during World War II, Dr. William B. Walsh, M.D. was moved by the poor health conditions he saw in the South Pacific - particularly by the affliction and death of young children who could have been easily saved with the application of simple medical know-how. He envisioned a floating medical center that would bring health education and improved care to communities around the world.

In 1958, Dr. Walsh persuaded President Eisenhower to donate a U.S. Navy hospital ship, the U.S.S. Consolation. With $150, a dream, and the support of corporations and individuals, the ship was transformed into the S.S. HOPE, and the organization known as Project HOPE was born.

Over the next two years, the S.S. HOPE was refitted and equipped for its new role as a peace-time hospital ship. The call was put out for American doctors, nurses, and technologists to share their skills and knowledge with the people of developing nations - teaching while healing. For every American on board, there would be a counterpart to be trained.

Read more on their web site about their remarkable and generous medical contribution throughout the world.

I urge support for this very worthy organization; health care providers at their best.