Tuesday, December 9, 2008

marymajor's Advent Calendar: December 15

December 15

The light which enlightens every man coming into this world, came through the flesh; because while present in His Divinity He could not be seen by the foolish, the blind, the wicked, of whom it was said above: “The darkness did not comprehend it.” Accordingly is it said, “He was in the world.”

The heavens, the earth, the sea and all that is in it, are called the world. Again, the lovers of the world are also called the world, but with another meaning.

For did the heavens, or the angels, or the stars, know not their Creator, Whom the demons confess and to Whom all things bear witness? Who then knew Him not? They who loving the world, are called the world. They who love not the world, in the flesh are in the world, but in their hearts they abide in heaven, as the Apostle [Paul] said to the Philippians: "Our conversation is in heaven."

- St. Augustine