Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"Catholic" "wrong answer" to gunman

Here is the latest of the Colorado ski resort shooting.


During a standard morning meeting Tuesday, Derik Bonestroo, a 24-year-old lift operator, pulled out a gun, fired a shot into the ceiling and threatened his co-workers, mentioning something about religion. When general manager Brian Mahon entered the room, Bonestroo asked him what religion he believed in.

When Mahon said "Catholic," according to witness accounts, Bonestroo then shot him twice, sending his fellow employees fleeing out doors and windows.

Mahon died at the scene and Bonestroo fled in a vehicle. He was chased by officers and eventually got into a fire fight with a Boulder County sheriff's deputy. The deputy shot and killed Bonestroo, and the resort remained closed for the day.

Eldora officials said today that they wanted to reopen the resort to honor Mahon. Keeping busy and packing the slopes would have made him happy, said resort spokesman Rob Linde.

Boulder County sheriff's investigators today are interviewing witnesses and family and friends of Bonestroo, trying to learn more about his life over the past few weeks, said sheriff's spokesman Cmdr. Phil West.

They've searched Bonestroo's small apartment in Nederland, and confiscated several items to aide in their investigation. They also found a dead cat in the apartment, West said. It's unclear how the cat died, but he said there was a lot of blood.

Condolences to Mr Mahon's family, who I know are suffering enormously. Another husband and father gone because of random insanity and people "acting out" "on behalf of God" or whatever they are "thinking." I would not be surprised if he used drugs, including that "harmless" "weed" also, but that's just a guess based on past patterns of observation.

I hope if anyone knows anything about him using drugs "even" "casual" use of marijuana that they tell the authorities and don't keep it secret. People need to realize that even "toking" a "bit to relax" exaggerates any underlying neurosis that is hidden or just starting to develop, especially if it is a problem with "hearing voices" or "being called" "on a great mission." There is a huge amount of delusion stoked by even small amounts of casual weed usage. So whether or not this guy was on anything, let's use this sad problem and learn about at least this one aspect of exacerbating conditions to developing mental illness. I mean, this guy wanted to "convert people to Christianity" and then shot a Catholic. He was messed up on several levels and people need to peel the layers, including drug use, so that this messed up society finally gets it through their heads that you treat mental illness, not stoke it and give it a gun!!!!