Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Satan loved the "Left Behind" series, but...

... here's the problem when Satan is your fan (to say nothing of when he whispers in your ear when you are writing).

Bible readers know that Satan is intellectual and well versed, since he even quotes by memory from the scripture. Believers also know that one of Satan's main "jobs," in his eyes, is to raise and encourage false prophets (puffed up false spiritual pride is one of his best TOOLS).

Well, the "Left Behind" series was just his cup of tea. For those of you who, fortunately, have not read it, the basic premise is that Protestant "dispensationalists" believe they know what God "really" is prophesying in the Bible, and so only they will be "saved" in the "Rapture." Not only are Muslims s*** out of luck (doomed) but so are Catholics, and the Pope even becomes the busy little Antichrist helper.

Many behind the scenes supporters of President Bush are BIG "Left Behind" fans by the way. Think about that and Iraq (site of the Antichrist according to "Left Behind.")

Well, here's a juicy one.

The opening premise of "Left Behind" (written over ten years ago) is that Israel discovers some great formula for agricultural prosperity, which everyone wants, especially that bad old Russia. Russia sneak attacks Israel using their mighty jet bombers, but LO AND BEHOLD, since God is "prophesied" to "protect Israel" "against Russia" (according to their "understanding" of "scripture), God actually intervenes and burns those bad planes (and pilots) with no loss of life in Israel, except those Rooskies who deserve it (Orthodox Christians aren't raptured either, apparently). This is the "sign" of the coming "tribulation."

Well, not so much. Satan loves to tempt the false prophets, but then give them "just what they were asking for." Enjoy. Meanwhile, the sane of us offer prayers to all who died and are suffering in this crash.


Eyewitnesses on Wednesday appeared to back reports that a race between two tour bus drivers was to blame for one of the buses tumbling into a ravine near Eilat the previous day, killing 25 Russian travel agents.


Two planes carrying medical staff and relatives of the Russian casualties arrived in Israel from Russia on Wednesday. Defense officials said an IAF plane would fly the dead and wounded back to Russia.
Twenty-four people died Tuesday when the bus carrying Russian travel agents overturned and rolled into a ravine near Eilat. Dozens more were injured. It was the deadliest traffic accident in the nation's history.
Earlier tolls put the number of dead at 25 and 26, but the Russian embassy said Wednesday the final number was 24.

Well, so the first wave of planes, the Russian travel agents, sure crashed and burned, but it wasn't because of God. Took maniac bus driver(s) to do that.

Now the second wave of planes from Russia just brings doctors and grieving relatives.

And only Satan is laughing. And Israel, who takes money from dispensationalists, now has on the "record book" their deadliest traffic accident in the nation's history.