Sunday, December 7, 2008

Why I don't post my email or allow comments

I've heard that some people wonder why. The reason that I don't allow comments is that when I do, alien believing "rapture" freaks promptly post their garbage. That doesn't fly with me for long!

Obviously my not posting an email address so that readers or potential new friends could ask me questions is related to the first problem. But more fundamentally, here is why. Virtually every email I've received from strangers to acquaintances and even to my "friends" and family are "tests" of me. They are usually a combination of genuine curiosity about the subject, but ruined by a hidden agenda of trying to "catch me out" in some way. Now, I love teaching and I love good conversation, but years of that abuse has ruined it for me too.

They think that it is "OK" to do (not recognizing that it is bearing false witness, as I've explained in previous postings, to conceal or manipulate your identity, or to have undisclosed information about me held "up one's sleeve.") They think it's OK to dissemble and lie because they usually include a "typo" in the email. Among cultists a "typo" is a deliberate "error" placed in the communication, so they think that lets them off the hook of lying or prevaricating within that email, since one "typo" "covers all" and is "fair warning." It doesn't let them off the hook, with neither me or God, and it totally bores me, their lack of grace and sincerity. This, by the way, is one reason I despise $cientology and $cientologists, and only pray that more will realize that everyone who follows them follows Hubbard straight into hell and I'm not joking or exaggerating.

In fact, entire decades of my life (and yours) have been wasted by people who approach me to "ask me" for "guidance," but they are "asking me" about a topic that they already have "secret information about me" regarding, and thus hope to catch me in hypocrisy, sin or lying. I mean, these people will steal millions of dollars from the poor, but hunt down a child who stole popcorn or a candy bar from a store when she or he was poor. (I hung out with a few kids when I was young, who helped themselves and showed me the ropes. I was caught with a handful of "liberated popcorn" by the store owner. To this day the cultists run around gushing I loooooooove popcorn!) They think they are getting a morally superior laugh over me, but I just pity them and their sin. Except they are not such great sources for mercy giving, since they just looooooooooooooooove abortions, lying, blaspheming, and "making a killing" in the stock market by scamming the chumps and charging usury. Well, I hope they just looooooooooooove hell! LOL LOL LOL.

Having said that, if anyone is really interested in emailing me, my email is not too hard to discover, just ask one of about million cultists who know who I am, my social security number, my blood type, the location of all of my birthmarks and scars (they ought to know the scars, as they with their own hands placed them there and photographed me in the hospital), who I've loved and "how far did we go," and, of course, all my addresses, phone numbers, emails and "how to get a message to me."