Sunday, December 14, 2008

Personal reflection: analyzing one of my dreams

Here is a section of a long dream that I had this morning just before waking and its interpretation. The dream overall was a series of segments taking place with different people and different locations, but all taking elements of my past struggles with cultists, who have cost me jobs, my home, my income and my friends. So here is one segment.

I dreamed that I walked into a room in some type of business setting, after having had another frustrating round of job hunting and so forth. There are about six or seven people in the room, both men and women, standing in sort of a semi circle to each other. I have a perspective that is somewhat above them, as if looking down from a raised part of the room. They are not friendly to me and kind of ignore me, and I could overhear some of their conversation and their thoughts. From that I realize that these are “die hard” “New Age” “reincarnation” believers who have been among the last to refuse to believe what I have been teaching on this blog, even though they are well aware of the facts.

[As an aside, to explain to any who may be new to reading my blog. I am not bashing those who believe the traditional faiths that include reincarnation. Even though reincarnation is false doctrine developed by humans and not divinely revealed, as the Pope himself has explained, it was a natural and kind development of spirituality that was meant to promote only the best in human behavior, and curb the bad, by having a spiritual reward and threat system. As I’ve explained on this blog, the difference between the traditional faiths who believe in reincarnation and the warped New Age “belief” is that traditionalists do not attempt nor would they dare ascribe past or future identities from reincarnation to their fellow human beings on a day to day basis. They seek the lineage of the lamas, for example, but no one tells the other person that they “know” who he or she “was” or “will be” in reincarnation and then worse, treat the person as if he or she had been such and such person in a past life. That is an arrogant oppressive and borderline psychotic modern affectation, and that is exactly what the New Age “believers” do. They promote or harm people on a day to day basis based on who they think they and themselves “were” in “past lives.” I as a person and my hoped for ministry on behalf of God have been irreparably harmed by decades of these people stalking, manipulating and harming. Anyway, to resume relating my dream now that you understand the basis of what I am thinking in the dream.]

Realizing these are die hard “New Age” “past lives” believers and they are still talking their rubbish, doing their dirty deeds, and ignoring my teaching, I am totally exasperated. Because I am exasperated I decide to not be diplomatic or polite at all. I shout down to them something to the effect of, “You KNOW there is no such thing as reincarnation!”

They ignore me but immediately as when I said what I did, the individual second from the left, a woman, who was standing between two men, started writhing in pain and collapsed on the floor. As the others watched but tried to pretend they weren’t watching, she writhed and moaned in pain and started to shrink. She kept her adult features and proportions but shrank, with great pain, to less than half or perhaps even a third of her adult size. They continued to ignore her even as they surreptitiously watched, and none stepped forward to help her or to comfort her in her pain. Disgusted with the whole lot of them I left the room, thus going on to another segment and cast of moronic whackos in my dream.

[Also if you are new to my blog, be assured when I use the term “morons” I am not disrespecting the mentally disabled. That is because unlike society as a whole I NEVER used the term moron in a medical or diagnostic sense, even when that was the accepted phraseology. I always referred to them in regard to their individual condition, not a demeaning label such as “moron” or “retard.” Hence when sixties slang picked up those terms to apply to the willfully stupid, I found THAT to be a good usage of them!]

Well, the dream speaks pretty much for itself, so not a lot of analysis or interpretation is needed, except for the woman who shrinks so painfully to less than half her size and who is not helped by her supposed colleagues and friends. The meaning of her shrinking is to show that some people are so chained to the idea of being “reincarnated” somebodies that when they realize the truth they have totally underdeveloped here and now personalities and character. In other words, they spent most of their lives believing that they are “reincarnated” “some ones else” that they never bothered becoming who they actually are for real. Thus this woman, once she heard my words and realized that she is not anyone but herself, discarded very painfully the delusion that had stuffed her with false identities, and left her with what was only authentically hers, which is her actual one and only identity in this life. So this dream not only demonstrates the truth of what I am saying and have been teaching all along (being stubborn about refusing to believe does not make me incorrect) since she became the immediate demonstration of the reality of my admonishing their belief, but it also shows the danger of such beliefs, as these cultists stunt the development of their actual here and now identity and character. Rather than “learning more” about themselves, New Age “reincarnation” and “past lives” “belief” curtails the growth and development of the actual singular and unique individual that one is in this life. One just doesn’t bother investing in one’s own uniqueness, authenticity, maturity and development if one is stuffed with focus on false identities “in the past.”

The second thing this dream demonstrates is the cruelty of those who are “New Age” “believers.” Far from being the “peaceful” and “spiritually enlightened” that they like to say that they are, they might as well be “Ming the Merciless,” for they chain themselves and each other to false and depressive, even psychotic “beliefs” of “who” they “really” are. For example, did we not have enough trouble as humans with the real Hitler and the real Nazis? Yet New Agers to this day ascribe multiple “reincarnated Nazi” “identities” to innocent people among them and around them INCLUDING CHILDREN. While normal and sane parents wonder if they should raise their children to believe in Santa Claus, these people raise their children to think that they are both “good” and “evil” “people from the past,” here to “learn a lesson” and to dish it out to the unfortunates who they “identify” around them. It is actually a miracle that we do not have even more psychotic individuals than we already do in this freak show society, based on how many children I know have been raised with this vile “beliefs” and initiated into what they think is a “heroic” role at “atoning” and “punishing” themselves and those others who are “whoever” in their sick mythology.

So in my dream you can see the coldness of the die hard “believers” even as they see the suffering damage done to one of their own as her false identities fall away with great pain and writhing, and she is left with her stunted true self, and they do not even lend a comforting hand to her. They continued to stand there, very erect, prideful and arrogant, moronically clinging to their own disgusting “beliefs.”

I hope that you have found this helpful.