Thursday, December 18, 2008

Next charity from my Christmas idea list

I have just donated $75 online to the Salvation Army. This is in addition to my usual adding of change and dollar bills to their collection buckets.

Folks, in this time of economic crisis, never forget what a debt the USA owes to the Salvation Army. They are one of my favorite organizations and I can tell you this personal story of why.

My father had a good friend who was a co-worker, who was a child in the 1920's-1930's, during the time of the Great Depression. This friend would always support the Salvation Army because he told us how as a child he would stand in the soup line when they were destitute and his only food came from the Salvation Army: they absolutely saved his life. I, in turn, since hearing that story during my childhood, have never forgotten them for their generosity during our country's great need, and in particular to my father's friend and his family. My father's friend, by the way, was an Irish Catholic (even an altar boy) and in those days no one asked for "special interest group" identification when the way of Jesus Christ was walked by those who serve him by serving their neighbors. Further, in a time when there was scandal around many charities at disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina, the Salvation Army, so far as I can tell, has maintained exemplary morals and ethics, and responsibility for the charitable treasure that is placed in their hands.

Media reports that donations to the Salvation Army is also at a low, due to the economic crisis. Those who can still donate, do not forget them. They are one of the ones that will see people through such times.