Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Understanding faith in God via Catholic topics

I am starting a new series of tutorial posts.

My intention is to address and instruct all believers in the basics of faith in God while using Catholicism as the basis of my discussions.

In other words, each post will take a simple topic, but one that is often misunderstood, from the Catholic doctrine, creed, tradition and practices, explain its scriptural and other origins and foundation.

If appropriate I will then comment how the Catholicism compares to the other Divine Faiths, and also to non-Catholic Christian denominations.

These will not be scholarly treatments but as is my tradition, plain speaking and plain talk so that everyone can understand. I think much more is gained by explaining in everyday speech what the basic ideas are and those who are so inclined can do scriptural and scholarly further reading on their own. As I've stated before I tend to write in the way I imagine I would speak if I were in the same room with everyone.

I hope that everyone will find this helpful and interesting.