Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bible Reading: Sirach 40:17-30

Sirach 40:17-30

Wealth or wages can make life sweet, but better than either is finding a treasure.
A child or a city will preserve one's name, but better than either, attaining wisdom.
Sheepfolds and orchards bring flourishing repute, but better than either, a devoted wife;
wine and music delight the soul, but better than either, conjugal love.
The flute and the harp offer sweet melody, but better than either, a voice that is true.

Charm and beauty delight the eye, but better than either, the flowers of the field.
A friend, a neighbor, are timely guides, but better than either, a prudent wife.
A brother, a helper, for times of stress; but better than either, charity that rescues.

Gold and silver make one's way secure, but better than either, sound judgment.
Wealth and vigor build up confidence, but better than either, fear of God.
Fear of the Lord leaves nothing wanting; he who has it need seek no other treasure.
The fear of God is a paradise of blessings; its canopy, all that is glorious.

My son, live not the life of a beggar, better to die than to beg;
when one has to look to another's table, his life is not really a life.
His neighbor's delicacies bring revulsion of spirit to one who understands inward feelings;
In the mouth of the shameless man begging is sweet, but within him it burns like fire.