Saturday, December 27, 2008

marymajor's Diary: December 29

And Jesus looking round, said to his disciples, "With what difficulty will they who have riches enter the kingdom of God!" Mark 10:23.

In the USA it's only a few days until the end of the calendar year and also the end of the tax year.

Thus it is the time of year that, depending on the tax code, the engaged delay or speed up their weddings, in order to achieve the best tax "break," whether to file taxes as a married couple or not.

Thus it is the time of year that those who are pregnant with child hope that "Daddy's little tax deduction" hurries up and gets born, as the child then counts for the entire year. In modern medicine they will "help" make this possible.

When I was born, people were married because they loved each other and had their wedding plans and household established.

When I was born babies were born because it was their natural time.

My mother was a little annoyed that I was born a bit late, but not because she and my father were "aiming for the right date."

In California a man who was married was divorced by his wife because she discovered that he claimed a yearly tax deduction for a disabled child of his that didn't live with him nor did he support the child. But he needed that tax deduction because that's the way the arm of the Antichrist, the tax code, has now ruled the mindset of families for many years now.

They divorced, she went to her parents' Christmas party, he followed with guns and a canister of rocket fuel. All are now dead in smouldering ruins as a country asks "Why?"

Taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes.

Right or wrong "dates."

Marriages and babies "timed" in order to satisfy the cruel people in the suits.

I'm glad that I was born when it was my natural time. Oh, but wait, for years I was hurt by those who thought my birth date "meant something bad" according to their "beliefs."

Jerusalem of the west has fallen in its ethics a long time ago.

Even in Babylon babies were encouraged to be born when God sent them, and people wed when they found each other, and the means to live.

No wonder so many get drunk on New Year's Eve.

And some say that drugs should be legalized so that "they can be controlled and taxed."

Even Babylon was better than that.