Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm just the messenger; you all better listen

As I have repeatedly told people throughout my life, I'm not making this stuff up, nor am I revelating: I am just the messenger of what has always been and always will be, without change. God has already provided an abundance of information, love, tolerance and grace; there is nothing that I nor anyone else can add to his message, not one iota. Further, I have explained repeatedly that God is the all knowing.

Therefore, when someone like me comes across something disgraceful and disgusting, such as pornographic blasphemy, this is my first thought. "How can this moron not realize that God knows everything that he or she has done, even before he or she created this monstrosity?" God knows every thought even before you have it, and so obviously God knows all about the blasphemy and the porn. I am hardly necessary to be God's "eyes." Further, even if I was the last to know (and I'm not), that does not make one iota of difference. As I said, God knows everything that anyone says, does, thinks and intends to do, and their motivation, including the joy that they get from demeaning and degrading others, even if the works are not publicly displayed. So my first thought is, "Here we have another moron who somehow thinks that anything is 'possible' and is all 'open minded,' yet they are so moronic that they don't realize the obvious truth that God is all knowing of everything they do."

So why does God not strike down someone who does such harm, such as producing pornographic blasphemy and, worse, inculcating his or her own family to share the psychosis that underlies such a worldview? To summarize what I have repeatedly explained to people:

1.) God has taught the reality of earthly life, followed by either heaven or hell for individuals according to their disbelief and their deeds, repeatedly and clearly, in many languages, over the centuries, to many prophets. So God has been very clear about the ground rules and the reality.

2.) God has also made clear that humans have to live among each other, make their own decisions, and have free will. This free will sometimes mean people opt for hell, and drag a lot of people along with them. By the way, don't paint pictures of people smiling in hell (unless it's a funny cartoon) because let me tell you to your virtual face, there is not a single person who is doing anything but screaming their burning guts out in hell. Period.

3.) Because God has given humans free will within a perfectly clear code of conduct and expectations, with very clear statement of consequences, you are expected to self regulate. This is why until recently one's own family would put to death a pornographic blasphemer. It is only in the last century have the average people tolerated physical and spiritual perversion, as they have lost touch with the reality of the consequences of a very real hell. So God does not prune human behavior via smiting because humans have no hope of surviving in life (say nothing of salvation) if they are not responsible and sane self-regulating adults, and they have to learn that themselves just as they have to learn to wash their hands after going to the toilet.

4.) One cannot make assumptions about God's approval of a person and that person's lifespan. I cannot believe I have to explain this in "Moron 101" class, but people live or die according to genetics, ability to have life sustaining food and water, disease, accident and mishap. I mean, you have thousands of years of billions of people and you are too stupid to realize that people do not live according to their sanctity or evil (or the vast in between) but according to biology and behavior? The village idiot who could not read two hundred years ago understood that; why can't you?

5.) When God does "smite" someone, it usually happens in one of two ways, and for, as you will see, the same logic but for different purposes:

a.) God has been known to smite or call to him someone who is worth bringing to heaven, but is on the road of such dire sin that if he or she continues with that sin, he or she will lose heaven and merit hell. This is explained when God called to him King Solomon when Solomon started in his old age worshipping idols because of the influence of his many pagan wives. God knows all and obviously sees the track that one is on and this is why the Bible documents very clearly what happened to the much loved King Solomon; God took him, took his life, so that he could still achieve the heaven he had merited before throwing it all away in unforgivable sin.

Far from being comforted that one has not been "smited," aged wicked sinners should be very afraid that God is not smiting them because he has already written them off as willfully hell bound. I have frequently looked on the face or works of such people, knowing that their smugness will not last a second after they die, no matter how long they live or how powerful they think that they are. No, there are no smug faces in hell either, and one need not worry about how young or old one was when one gets there, because eternity = eternity.

b.) When God does smite a sinner, young, middle aged or old, it is usually accomplished like this. God allows the consequences of their sin to catch up with them. To use an old saying, "He lets the chips fall where they may." Sinners, the big time sinner, usually share one thing in common. They lose focus on details, such as safety, because they are too busy thinking how wonderful and spiritual they are, or where they are going to perform the next looting. As a result they are not always the most prudent of people. Sin affects health too, and brings on cancer, heart disease and so forth, not as punishment but because a sinful life often releases the same destructive agents such as stress within the body, invoking the natural ailments.

Thus when God wants to smite, he usually just has to wait for time and consequences to suddenly "SNAP!" Big time sinners, since they do not believe, often put themselves (and others) in dangerous situations, since they lose all sense of mortality and humility, not only for themselves but for others. God and the guardian angels just stand there and watch.

It is ironic that the very people who most quote, "What goes around comes around, it's 'karma!"" are the most dumbfounded and stupid when the "karma" bus runs them over and instead of being "punked by Ashton" they realize it's no joke when they die and are judged to hell, "You've been smited by God!"

By the way, those who are cast into hell don't get to "hang around" being "judged by God..." they never see him. Vengeful angels of God cast the damned straight into hell; they never get to state their "spin."

6.) One of the big clues that people should have that the Catholic Church is the Apostolic church created and headed by Jesus Christ is that the Church opposes the death penalty for criminals. Why is this a clue? Because the Catholic Church, in its humility, refuses to give up on a single person, hoping that even the most wicked in life imprisonment will have a repentance and spiritual conversion experience. This is what being the Vicar of Jesus Christ really means. This does not mean that the Catholic Church is saying that God himself never smites. The Catholic Church in its wisdom and mercy prays for the maintenance of every life to the natural end, so that there is maximum chance for grace, repentance and salvation.

It is therefore doubly ironic and extremely unappreciated by God when the wicked, such as pornographic blasphemers, target the very personages beloved in the Catholic Church, such as Mary, who maintain the maximum potential for mercy and salvation for the very people who harm them. Read about the angry angels in Revelations, how they will cast the burning censer down upon those whose stench of sin continually rises up to heaven. Talk about people who bite the hand that would feed them; the very Catholics who fight to maintain the length of even the most wicked peoples lives so that they might find for themselves a chance to be saved are hurt, mocked, defamed, and spiritually or physically violated, rather than being appreciated and thanked. So no, it's not like God is against the death penalty; rather, he loves the Church that maintains the most hope for even the most dire sinner.

7.) How sane is it when people, such as the pornographic blasphemer, drag their family, their friends, their colleagues, and the public at large down the same dangerous road as they? The same people who claim to care about others so deeply and will demonstrate it in routine life ways, even being "generous," do not care that their depraved dark worldview, like a virus, infects and destroys those who they "care" about? Jesus warned the most dire warning possible about those who lead children into sin for this very reason; for all that one sins, when one leads the young into the same sin, salvation becomes impossible as those sins cannot be "overlooked," "forgiven," or purified in purgatory. Those who die in a state of having corrupted others, especially the young, can count on being damned; there is no pretty way to put it.