Wednesday, December 24, 2008

marymajor's Christmas Message

Where is His permanent Presence? Where His dwelling?

We know His Power is in the mountains;
His Wisdom in the laws of nature;
His Love in gravitation pulling all things to a center.

But this is not presence. These are but effects. But Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity --- "Where dost Thou live?"

We know the answer in theory. He dwells in the Eucharist. But in practice, do we know it? All that requires a search, an extra effort, maybe an hour to find out. That is why in answer to their question, He answered: "Come and see."

The "come" is a visit; to "see" is to enjoy. The first words that fell from the lips of Him Who is the Bread of Life were an invitation to seek greater union with Him. John and Andrew called Him "Master" when they first saw Him, but now they were urged to discover that He was the "Lord." At the Last Supper, He was still "Master" to Judas, but to the others, He was "Lord."

Now as we ask the question: "Where dost Thou dwell?" He points to the tabernacle and says, "Come and see." We should do ill not to love Him when He brings Himself so close.

by Archbishop Fulton Sheen from "The Priest is Not His Own"