Friday, December 5, 2008

Case study of personal and societal neurosis

This isn’t going to be a very nice topic but as you know, I blog very frankly about the many problems that individuals and society as a whole have to face. So I’ve decided to address one of those problems as a case study, so you can both learn about the issue itself and also observe how to analyze when such a problem creeps up gradually until people don’t even realize it exists.

Two things precipitated my awareness and alarm about this topic. One is a continual pattern of infant and child abuse related to it, and the other is my awareness when I did my undercover occult investigation that cultists promote a very unbalanced view about this subject. In fact what they teach their own children is in every sense of the word also child abuse.

First let’s define some terms. A neurosis is a mental disorder that is considered “manageable.” In other words, it may be a mild obsession, or it could be a severe mental or emotional anxiety or discomfort, but one that if the patient is willing and has the right treatment can be remediated. A psychosis is a severe mental disorder that is fundamentally defined as a breakdown in one’s perception of reality. The problem I am going to describe is a neurosis that many individuals have, and that much of modern western society has developed as a whole. But I want to point out that untreated and inflamed neuroses can result in psychotic behavior, so one should always try to treat and remove the pain from even a mild neurosis.

Here is the problem. In certain circles of western society, particularly among the youth of the past two generations, there has been a development of a neurosis about “going to the bathroom,” particularly the function of defecation. The perspective I am going to give to you is based on both my age, which means I have a clear understanding of the “before” and “after” of the development of this neurosis, and also as a psychological counselor. This is very much a human biological, mental and societal problem; there is not a spiritual crisis component for me to discuss except when I explain how cultists have outrageously tried to “explain” and actually fuel the defecation neurosis by assigning it to a spiritual disorder. It’s so frustrating and disgusting, but I am getting ahead of my explanation so let’s start.

Hardly a day goes by that we do not read of a young parent, the boyfriend or girlfriend of a parent, or some other caregiver who severely beats and abuses, even killing, a baby over a matter of their “wetting their diapers” or “having an accident.” I’ve written about the overall problem before, in very blunt terms, about how the past two generations have had a spike in numbers of near monsters who will abuse, torture and kill their children or someone else’s, for a variety of “reasons,” but all rooted in rage coupled with a dehumanized view of the most innocent and helpless of their human victims. But I want to speak about the particular “reason, “related to a baby’s defecation, so that you can have a specific case study to examine the breakdown of societal education, perspective and identify the guilty parties. This has especially been on my mind as a thirteen year old boy in a city near my own home town beat a baby for an entire hour, brutally and with no mercy, because she urinated on the floor. She died needless to say. Police found that the baby was left alone for hours at a time, on the floor, while the mother and her live in “boyfriend” went to their high school classes. Yes, they left a baby alone on the floor for hours, and then beat her to death when she had to “pee.”

How has society developed so many people who are insane with rage when a helpless baby has to do what comes naturally, which is to urinate and defecate? My readers in South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, I understand you must be shocked and puzzled when you read this. This is because this is a phenomenon of “advanced” “Western” society, particularly in the United States. It is a neurosis that has developed in this society as a whole, and is fueled by a number of factors. This is what we will examine here.

The first problem is a problem of technological success and wealth that has an unintended result of detaching people from understanding reality. Specifically, I have noticed a change in behavior when parents were first able to replace cloth diapers that had to be washed and reused with disposable diapers. When I was a teenager I had to take care of my niece when she was a baby and this was during the time of cloth diapers. It’s not the most wonderful chore in the world, to change a baby and to clean the diaper enough that it can go into the laundry service, but it’s not the worst job either (as those of you who are still sane in the rest of the world well know). But when what seemed to be the “blessing” of disposable diapers came along, an unintended accompaniment to the throw away diaper was a changed mindset of the parents, which is that a baby’s bodily function is “dirty” and “disgusting.” I can practically point to the time when this happened, which is in the 1970’s.

Back when cloth diapers were used, parents were also better “potty trainers,” as they praised babies for doing “their job,” rather than hating them for doing what they have to and should be doing. So I noticed that soon after the rising of the problem of viewing a baby’s defecation as “disgusting” came a generation that suddenly started failing at “potty training.” Books were written, talk shows mentioned it, and I just shook my head. So when disposable diapers replaced cloth diapers and either home laundering or the use of commercial diaper services, there was a collapse of both equanimity and a healthy view of a baby’s normal bodily function, and also a collapse of understanding how to transmit healthy “potty training” to the child.

The children who picked up from their handlers this view of disgust grew up and went into the workforce. They then stoked “bathroom humor” to appeal to fellow traumatized adolescents. One cannot attend any movie pitched at the youngest of children, teenagers or young adults without constant “humor” which is mentioning and demeaning either defecation itself or the various ways that it is achieved. That’s one reason, seriously, that I will rarely view a film. The entertainment industry, having grown up with this neurosis themselves, honestly think that it is a “normal” source of humor, and that everyone loves, wants and expects “gross” humor based on “s***,” “buttholes,” “farting,” “asses and their assholes,” "booty crack" etc. The first traumatized and neurotic generation trained the next generation to not only be traumatized and neurotic, but to think it is an “adult” rite of passage, to make such humor, constantly. Trust me, the adolescents who went on to fight World War II did not grow up on a diet of “potty humor,” and they did not expect it. They all had, in general, sane and good parents, a sane growing up experience, little brothers and sisters who they gave sane care to, and also exposure to the realities of living on farms. Further, focus on the rectum etc. has become a predominant topic in rap videos and other "entertainment."

This is also another reason that you see the extremely underreported problem of people putting crap in other people’s food. Trust me, if you knew what I know, you’d hesitate to eat anything that you did not personally prepare yourself, and that is a horrible shame. Those who stoke this behavior as part of “pop culture” are beginning to regret it a little, and so once in a while they will allow a mention to get into the media (usually something like showing that people do it often to police, or to show a “nut” doing in on secret camera). But cultists and pop culture mavens have secretly promoted doing this for years, as “revenge” on people who offended them in “past lives,” and for other very scary and insane reasons. Think “vampire” and you won’t be too far from the mark in understanding their “logic” and “belief systems.” As a way to alert people of the very thing they have stirred up, they allowed the “pizza deliver guy” or the “waiter” “revenge” stories to trickle (excuse the pun) into the media. This is them slowly realizing how destructive and demented they have become, and trying to “come clean” and alert people to the cultural monster they have unleashed. Gosh, thanks.

People, I cannot begin to describe to you how jarring and shocking the change has become. You really had to be there, to be observant and of my age to witness how this has happened.
As a result there is a bonfire when you combine this second generation of “defecation neurotic” young adults with rage stoked by other things (drugs, alcohol, too early sex, thug environments, broken families and abuse) and you have hundreds if not thousands of cases each year where young men or women loath their own babies’ healthy functions and will literally “beat the s*** out of them.” Police and social workers, if they are honest with you, will tell you how traumatized they are by seeing so many of these cases. Even one is too many, obviously.

Here is the unspoken problem of the cultists. Since they have a totally unbalanced and delusional view of life, one that is simply ignorant in addition to being spiritually dirtied, rather than “enlightened,” they have taken the defecation neurosis and concluded that it exists as a homoerotic component of “spirituality.” This is one reason that anal rape has become not only common, both of babies and of children and adults, but also has become a catchphrase in everyday discourse. If you are shocked, especially those of you who are in countries and cultures that are still sane on this subject, all you need to do is see what is posted in the comments section on the Internet whenever a particular heinous criminal is sentenced to prison. Immediately people post to speculate how often, and hope for, as frequent anal rape of the prisoners as possible will occur by their fellow prisoners. This has obviously been also picked up in the porn industry for a very long time, further stoking the problem.

It is one of the things that most shocked me about the depraved mentality of cultists, who secretly steer much of the discourse in “popular” culture. While I obviously observed the “diaper problem” along with the poor parenting skills myself, I would never have guessed that cultists teach a “spiritual” homoerotic component to the rectum and human defecation function. For example, that is why there was the springing up of “colonic cleansing” services, which even Princess Diane availed herself of, due to the influence of her circle of cultists. Yes, people believe there is a health and “spiritual” benefit of shoving a tube up their rectums and flushing their colons with various fluids. They think that the body “does not work properly” unless one does this flushing. I wonder how the population of the earth reached billions of sane and healthy people in a period of 7,000 years, all without “colonic cleansing.” So now we are on the third generation of people growing up in some very dysfunctional parts of society that think that without “spiritual health intervention” that ‘bad things’ stay ‘stuck in your colon’ and must be “cleansed naturally” by paying $50 to $100 for a “spiritually healthy” “colonic cleansing.” The same third generation has members who will also flip out and beat the life out of their baby when the baby naturally does defecate in or outside of their diapers, and cry to signal they need to be changed, as they are supposed to do. They also look at their own children with sexual eyes, and that is an abomination, whether it occurs “in the front” or “in the back.”
Do you see the problem?

I sometimes despair that humans will ever remember what it is really like to be sane and human. This is one of those examples that I admit, I really wonder how to ever get an increasingly self hating and insane generation (one generation after the other) to learn to return to normal when it is something that they never grew up to know.

There is another horrible problem, one that is so ironic. This “do gooder” generation has forgotten the basic “do gooder” priorities of the generations past, which is to build latrines in poor countries, and sewage treatment plants near cities, and to learn better ways to control farm waste. They cry about “global warming,” yet they have neglected an essential component of preserving the endangered oceans and also the war on poverty, which are sanitation facilities. Another example of how dysfunctional they are is if one raises the issue with them, they will lecture you about stopping eating meat, and that way you have no cattle who “fart” and “crap” (thus “no pollution” and “no greenhouse gases.”)

But that used to be the basics of every generation before us, the first thing they did when they brought clean drinking water to a poor village, for example, was the development of latrines and a sanitation ethic, one that is based on simple reality, not neurosis. But now everyone wants to “stamp out a disease” (the most popular of the do good causes) or “save the polar bear,” yet the oceans are increasingly fouled by the modern neglect of promoting and providing complete sanitation. It is so bad that the UN earlier this year addressed this problem. I suspect the UN does not realize what they are up against, one of the hidden reasons why there is so much aversion to doing something about this problem. They don’t realize that the “do good” money, the people who support the “good causes,” while not beating their own children to death due to potty accidents, are equally unbalanced on the subject in their core, unlike our very sensible forefathers and mothers.

Like I said above, I honestly do not know what to do about this problem, because I despair of teaching sanity to those who grew up in very unbalanced conditions. How does one teach to society as a whole something to lose a neurosis and go back to a sane and balanced view, when so many never experienced that sane and balanced view? But whatever the solution, if one exists, obviously it cannot start unless people have the facts, and so this is why I’ve written this particular blog post. I must admit, thirty years ago, I never dreamed I’d have to be writing this type of post. Yes, concerns about the poor skills in the raising of children-that I foresaw-but not the total breakdown of sane education and perspective about human body function, and the resulting violence that has occurred. Nope, I am surprised, unpleasantly surprised.

Good luck, young people. Good luck.