Friday, January 9, 2009

Attention deficit exercise

Here is an example of how to reclaim your authenticity and personal power back from your disorder, in this case, attention deficit.

You are at work and you have moment of a rush of many ideas and thoughts that take you off topic.

What you might do and should not do: Think or say "I am having an ADD moment."

What you should do: Think to yourself if alone or say out loud if you are in the middle of an activity with others, "I've just had several ideas about this all at once. Hang on a second while I jot them down on my PC or this piece of paper." Then select one of those thoughts or ideas and continue on with your activity.

This is what "regular" people do with their moments of intense creativity, mental multi-tasking or mental distractions. Start thinking of yourself as a "regular" person too and deal with these moments accordingly. Do not label them or distinguish them as "abnormal" or "symptomatic."

Just jot them all down as being interesting and worthy (even if not all of them are and some are silly, for that is normal too), pick one and carry on!