Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cinnamon a well known health food

My college roommates and I were ahead of our times, as we ate cinnamon regularly in the early 1970's. Here is how we used it.

We mixed cinnamon with sugar in a bowl.
We toasted bread in the toaster.
We buttered each slice of bread and then sprinkled sugar/cinnamon mixture evenly over each slice. Thus we made our own "cinnamon toast."

We were also great rice pudding fans, each of us knew how to cook it from scratch ourselves, and we'd sprinkle cinnamon onto the top of each serving.

More recently I would keep the cinnamon shaker handy and add it to a number of foods. I like to sprinkle it on fish, especially where one might have used paprika alone.

I will also sometimes sprinkle it on omelets or scrambled eggs. If one has made an omelet with onions that have been cooked till they carmelize and then sprinkle cinnamon on the top of the completed omelet it is so savory that it is almost like a dessert, but without any sugar.