Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cultural diplomacy and friendship

Cultural diplomacy and “friendship”

Of course the vast majority of diplomacy is routine and takes place among friendly or at least neutral nations. Yet all nations have a circle of fellow nations who they consider friends. Despite what I said about the USA being biased on behalf of Israel and against the Palestinians, and thus not valid in terms of calling themselves diplomatic peace makers, there is nothing wrong with friendly nations and the taking of sides. But there is a big caution that must be realized that among nations, even as among individuals, there are two types of friends.

Listening to the political talk shows today I heard various American politicians be referred to as “friends of Israel.” My children, it is not difficult to be a ‘friend’ to Israel if you are of the one type of friend and not the other type of friend. Here is an analogy.

Suppose that you are a woman who has a dear friend who is a drug addict. You love him very much and what do you do to ‘keep’ his friendship? You buy him drugs. That is what American diplomats who are ‘friends’ with Israel are like.

Here is the type of friend that Israel needs. Israel needs a woman who loves Israel very much, but tells Israel “You cannot keep taking drugs. It is destroying your soul and it puts blinders on you so that you only see one ‘answer’ to every problem.”

What will happen to that true friend? She will be called an old, stupid, ugly fat bitch, and a whore. She will be dragged through the mud and Israel will tell everyone that she is a Nazi, a Jew hater, an anti-Semite and an ignorant cow. Just to teach that true friend ‘a lesson’ Israel will take even more drugs, and parade around posing for photographs with Israel’s ‘best friend friends’ who supply the drugs that you refuse to do.

Well, gosh, who would want to go through that? No one really wants to go through that, and so American diplomats have all chosen to be the enabling first type of ‘friend.’ If one even questions the drug use of Israel one has seen how the wrath of people who cannot agree about anything except how much they now hate you fall upon you like an anvil. And so when you see what happens to genuine friends who even raise an eyebrow of questioning toward Israel, you keep your mouth shut and you ask Israel, “How much do you want and when do you want it?” You then also join with them in bashing the bad Palestinians who “drive Israel to drugs” and who “make us the way we are.”

Yes, it sure is not difficult to be an enabling friend of Israel, one who does not care about its health or soul. It sure is difficult and, thus far, impossible to be a genuine friend of Israel.