Monday, January 19, 2009

Had to curse a lot of people (again) today

When I say curse I mean curse, I don't mean using bad language, which I call cussing (in order to be clear which I mean at any given time).

Here's the problem. For many years one of the stalking cultists favorite harassment is to put vermin, such as roaches, into where I live. Since I went to an Ivy League university and majored in environmental sciences (including entomology courses) I know the difference between natural cycles of infestation and when someone puts vermin inside my home. This has gone on for a long time. Their reasoning is too warped to go into but it is associated with their occult beliefs of "what goes around comes around" and to "even out the balance of doing one wrong by doing another wrong, but one that just 'symbolizes' the first wrong." Basically they are glorifying occult powers and defying God when they do this.

So this week, including today, twice I've had to be startled and disgusted by a roach, and then overcome my disgust and kill it. Today's was in my bathroom on a towel right next to my toothbrush. Nice huh?

Here's what the occults don't realize. Every time this happens I curse them in the name of Jesus Christ. Yep, that's pretty strong medicine. And just in case you think you are just sitting on the sidelines, unaffected, here is how my curse works.

I curse the person who put it there.
I curse the people who supplied the person with the vermin materials.
I curse the people who came up with the specific idea and timing for that placement.
I curse all the people who came up with the general "theology" that justifies, in their sick minds, doing this type of action.
I curse all who benefit in any tangential way, such as receiving payments for duties for all of the above, whether directly associated with the vermin placement or not.

Wow! That sure is a lot of people getting a serious cursing that cannot be lifted! But wait, there's more.

Since I grew up poor I have sympathy for people who live like this, not being stalked, but in poor and dirty conditions where they must endure vermin and indifferent landlords and property managers. So while I am at it, I curse every, you guessed it, landlord and property manager who have tenants suffering from vermin infestations. And when I say everyone I mean everyone.

I issue the curse each and every time I am afflicted with a vermin appearance within my apartment or car and, of course, when I used to have a home. Back when I had a house of my own I let it slide somewhat, the cursing, because I was not helpless: I could hire an exterminator and take precautions, for example. But as an apartment dweller I have nothing but the laughter of those who operate these premises, who of course support the strange and vile "vermin placement formula." So....guess what! I sympathy curse on behalf of all who are innocent and who live in vermin infested dwellings as renters. Ta DA! I'm cursing famous folks who are billionaires on TV and lowly landlords who just rent out a few rooms of a house they own. It does not matter to me. If your renters are suffering from vermin and you are doing little or nothing about it, I've just cursed YOU today in the name of Jesus Christ! And guess what? I've been doing this each and every time for, well, you could just say, a "very LONG time!"

I leave it up to God, of course, whether he implements my cursing, just for the few, for the many, what form it takes, if during your life time or at your judgment: it's all in his hands.

Have a nice day!

Oh, and don't thank me! Thank your local occultist who drove me to that point a long time ago!