Sunday, January 18, 2009

More information for "astrology" believers

First, here are some comments by the Pope. Even if you do not believe his words are helpful in using an analogy that helps you to understand how we view the cosmos.


Benedict XVI explained that "Christian thought compares the cosmos to a 'book,' -- Galileo himself said this -- considering it as a work of an Author."

According to this book, he said, "divine love, incarnated in Christ is the fundamental and universal law of creation. This should not be understood in a poetic, but in a real sense."

Dante also understood it this way, the Pope said, noting how the author concludes "Paradise" with a definition of God as "the love that moves the sun and the other stars."

"This means that the stars, the planets [and] the entire universe are not governed by a blind force, [and] do not obey only the dynamics of matter," he said. "Therefore, cosmic elements shouldn't be divinized, but on the contrary, in everything and above everything, there is a personal will, the Spirit of God, who in Christ revealed himself as love."

I've written the rational reasons why one should not and indeed must not believe in occult practices and forces such as astrology. Just to quickly link what the Pontiff says here to something I've pointed out before, consider this. The motivation of God is love, and he has created the cosmos based on the pure love that only he possesses and humans cannot understand. Thus the motivation of the entire cosmos and all that is within it is love.

What I've pointed out before is that occult practices assign portions of life to various topics, both good and "bad." Thus in tarot cards, for example, one fourth of the cards are assigned to "bad" categories, making 25% of tarot cards indicative of something bad. This is not consistent with one's day to day life, where one certainly is not having 25% of one's time taken up by tragedy day after day, year after year, and further, as you can now see with the Pope's analogy of a book being written totally about love, tarot cards, for example, dictate that one fourth of the pages of the book are not based on love but about misfortune and tragic events.

Do you see what I mean? Any divination or occult practice "assumes" through its use of numbers, assigned suits, astrology "meanings" and so forth that "bad" and "unlucky" events operate independent of the context of love. That is why the occult is totally contrary to God and his will. Occult practices "assign" proportions of "good" and "bad" "events" totally outside of the context of both divine and humanitarian love. People are therefore reduced to "bottom line" status ("good" or "bad") without giving consideration at all to the ongoing nature of their life.

Here is a simple example. Suppose an astrology reader "assesses" jobs and careers only based on money, future promotion, power and how "happy" you will be. However, are there not millions of people who work in not so great jobs in order to support their families and have a better future? Where is that in a "sword, pentacle, rod or cup?" Occult practices were never developed with day to day normalcy in mind. Ironically, people nowadays crave some stability and normalcy, and less "drama" not more. Yet the occult strips away all the reality of normalcy for a totally unreal worldview that is proportions of unrealistic expectations and bleakness.

With that as an introduction, here is another mental detox exercise I've prepared for those of you trying to, thank God, wean yourselves from astrology. I know many of you have or are working on it, and bless you for that. But it's pernicious and as bad as any drug. So I continue to offer to you who are working on it and those of you who still do not believe helpful exercises in logic to wean you away from occult "thinking" and back to reality.

In astrology there is the assumption that certain bodies in the cosmos called "planets" (whether they are planets or not) "cause" certain types of events to happen. In other words planets have "specialties" and "govern" areas of life. The same is true of the signs of the zodiac, where each of the twelve signs have "specialities" and "govern" areas of life. Thus Mercury is viewed as being "in charge of communications" (even though it is just a dumb rock orbiting the mindless sun). Astrologers care about where Mercury "is" including in which of the twelve signs it is "traveling through." For example, astrologically speaking Mercury is now "in" Aquarius.

Of course Mercury is not "in" Aquarius since Aquarius does not even exist. Aquarius is a bunch of stars that are not even together in space, but are viewed as forming a shape in the same general direction of the galaxy. Suppose you are standing in New York City and have magical eyes so you can see for thousands of miles around the globe. You have someone standing in front of you in New York, and over his or her shoulder see someone standing in London, and over his or her shoulder someone in Russia. They are all in a line. Um, are they "together?" No, obviously not. But this is what astrologers "believe." They take the names and meanings that ancient people gave to stars that appear in the same part of the sky and view them as being "together" in both their meaning and their supposed "influence" on people's lives and events.

So whenever a planet "moves" from sign to sign its "areas of control" and the events that are supposedly "caused" changes in nature and tone since it supposedly picks up the characteristics of the sign it is "in." But that is an optical illusion because the planet is not "out there" among the stars, but just circling our important but boring sun. Like an actor walking across a stage with scenery a planet is seen against the backdrop of stars, but the stars themselves are not even connected together in a meaningful way. Here is an analogy. Suppose that you are standing in your kitchen with your back to the wall that is opposite the doorway to the kitchen. Suppose that by facing the door you are facing west. That means your back and your rear end are against the wall that is to the east. What does any of that mean? Nothing. When astrologers draw their charts all they are doing is using the earth as the back wall that you are leaning your butt against and looking at the door, in this case what direction each planet is in.

Now with very slow planets, such as Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, astrologers are all ga-ga whenever they are in a sign, calling it a "huge" "shift" and a "generational" impact. So when Pluto spends like ten years "going through" a sign astrologers expect and project upon the big events of humanity the "influences" of that sign. So according to western astrology Pluto has just entered Capricorn. Now astrologers "expect" and "demand" that humanity now has "typical" "Pluto in Capricorn 'behavior' and 'events.'" Here is the problem with such garbage.

Suppose I stuffed you into a rocket ship and took you to the actual planet Pluto. You are now in orbit around Pluto. As you orbit around Pluto, Pluto is not "stuck" in Capricorn. In fact, you see Pluto "framed" against each of the twelve signs in turn. Thus while you are orbiting you see Pluto "in" Aries, then travel more in your orbit and see Pluto "in" Taurus, and then you travel more and you see Pluto "in" Gemini, and you travel a little further and see Pluto "in" Cancer, and so on through each of the twelve signs as you finish one orbit, and your next orbit starts with seeing Pluto "in" Aries again.

Doe that make you Master of the Universe? I mean, if you are out there all by yourself in the rocket that I sent you out on and you can just move your spaceship to any part of your orbit and thus have Pluto, the slowest planet, now moving from sign to sign in a matter of hours, should you not be able to just kind of do whatever you want, make Pluto "serve" you in all ways?

If Pluto goes "into" a money sign, should not money fall into your lap no matter what you do? Except, oh yeah, wait, earth is back over thar in that thar direction and you are sitting in a rocket. I mean, you actually have to be among people and do things, right? So when you move your ship a little more and Pluto is in your most compatible love sign, should you not know find your perfect "soul mate" and have the most powerful love? Oh yeah, except for one problem. Earth and its humans is back over thar in that thar direction and you are alone in your stupid rocket ship. And what if Pluto is now a few hours later in a sign that indicates "war?" And you duck down and cover your ears and worry about the fighting starting. Oh, but wait, you just are thinking Pluto is "doing something" in that "war sign" because you are just a dummy sitting in a spaceship (which I provided to you) so you can orbit it and watch Pluto seem to be in one sign after the other in a matter of hours. Nothing has changed on earth no matter where Pluto "is" or where you are or where you "think" Pluto "is." Except anyone sane who actually cared about you is sad that you are in your stupid spaceship believing still in astrology. (And I worry about how much it has cost me, especially the fuel bill, in letting you go and "see for yourself" that astrology is a bunch of steaming cruel crap).

When one orbits a planet, as the International Space Station is now doing on earth, one has challenges such as, if you are Muslim, which direction is toward Mecca on earth to pray. This is another prosaic example of how the planets do not "move" into "areas of influence" but instead, people just gaze at the rocks and stars in the cosmos from different places and perspectives. The Muslim has to get his or her bearings in space to know in which direction Mecca lies so they can be prone in the correct direction and pray. But it does not change Mecca that Aries is "behind the earth" at that part of the orbit, or that a few hours later Taurus is "behind the earth" and so forth through the signs. Prayers to Mecca are prayers to Mecca, one just needs to point to Mecca. Astrologers "believe" that the chunks of cosmos "work together" in areas of speciality to influence human lives and events. That is so demonstrably wrong and stupid that it would be funny if I have not seen it harm so many people.

So the next time that you read some astrology crap about a planet or a sign and what is supposedly is going to do "for" you or "against" you, imagine getting in a rocket ship and flying to that planet. What would that do for you? After all, you can then see that planet in all twelve of the zodiac signs in one day as you orbit the planet. What would an astrologer say to that? Take my advice and don't ask and don't even read the daily paper's horoscopes for a laugh, because it stopped being funny a long time ago.

I hope you have found this helpful and that someday all people will see what believing orthodox Christians, Muslims and Jews see, which is the cosmos as the sign of God's love for life.