Saturday, January 10, 2009

Too much false shame, not enough real shame

The human body and its functions, both those of intimacy and those of natural processes, are nothing to be ashamed of. It is ironic that rather than being more enlightened in this regard people have become laden with shame about the human body.

The reason that is happening is that people lack enough shame in how they promote usage of the blameless shame free body. For example porn and sexually explicit entertainment people ought to be ashamed that they are promoting exploitation and degradation of the human body and its functions.

It is one of the great lies that those who use sex in entertainment are "celebrating the beauty of the human body." That they are most certainly not doing. What they are doing is pimping for sexual dysfunction and promoting amateur and professional sex trade mentality. THAT is what they should be ashamed about.

Thus, let's look at stalking. The person who is photographed naked by a stalker has nothing to be ashamed of, although embarrassment is natural among many people who are so cruelly victimized. However, the stalker is usually the first hypocrite who claims that the human body is "beautiful" and "natural," but what they do with the exploitation of both the victim and the viewers belies their proper placement of shame.

Everyone in the media, including advertisers, who focus so much on nakedness, intimate acts and bodily functions in the flogging of their products claim they are just "getting the information out there" and being "liberating" because there is "nothing to be shamed about." They are being deliberately deceiving. No, there is nothing shameful about nakedness, intimate acts, or bodily functions, but their explicit marketing of them for money, entertainment, or cruelty is degrading to humanity.

Here is an example that is separate from what I am speaking of, but will best explain through analogy my point.

I had a dear friend, a man, one who is remarkable in both being a "regular guy" and also his very interesting life experiences. He's a guy who one would never run out of fascinating things to talk about, what he has done, who he knows and his interests. But he decided to no longer be a guy of many interests, but he is now "gay." His entire identity and all he wants to talk about with me is gay, gay, gay. In other words, rather than being a composite of being an average guy and an extraordinary guy, with tons of dimensions, one of those dimensions being that he is gay, he has packaged himself and will only communicate with me as being one dimension, being gay.

Suppose you had a friend who was a shoe maker. What if he refused to speak to you unless it was about shoes? EVER. He dressed like a shoe, lived in a shoe, would only speak in words that have to do with shoe or rhyme with shoe, and refused to discuss any topic that does not involve shoes. This is what my gay friend has become. He has no identity or interest in life except being gay.

This is what it is like when people claim they love the human body, yet then exploit it constantly in the media, and personally. It is a warping and a skewing of what is only one thread out of the total fabric of life. Sex, being naked, doing intimate acts and having bodily functions are only individual threads out of the entire fabric of a man or a woman. Coarse and exploitative entertainment, advertising and stalking pull that one thread of life out of context and rub people's faces in it repeatedly, over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again until they have ruined the "naturalness" they claim to tout.

This is how my gay friend is. I wish I could just go to a restaurant with him, discuss his car or his airplane, shop for clothes, or just hang out together and discuss how one's day went. But all he wants to talk about is gay, gay, gay. He's no longer an uncle: he's a gay guy. He's no longer the guy who smiled about his first car: he's a gay guy. He no longer wants to talk about himself, unless it is about how he is gay. Before he broke off with me as a friend I would have to strain to find ways to discuss being gay with him for hour after hour after hour. Literally, he would insist on speaking of being gay for hours on end and refuse to make even one sentence comments on any other subject. I'm not joking when I say that I think he has studied if he can replace the entire twenty six A through Z English language alphabet with only the three letters A, G and Y. Likewise, I think that he no longer wishes to use the numerical digits 1 through 9 but only the numbers 6 and 9. I'm not joking.

Likewise the constant pimping in the media of nakedness, intimate acts and bodily functions render humans into nothing else but skin bags, rectum holes (for sex or gas) and pimps and procuresses (that's an old fashioned word for female pimps) for 'careers' or 'self images' to the young to think of themselves that way, as pieces of a whole rather than the entire human being.

So no, there is nothing to be ashamed about in the human body, but yes, there is something that everyone should be ashamed about, which is the dehumanizing of the the dignity of the human body in an overall life context, and not as a weapon or recruiting agent in a visual war of coarsening dehumanizing.