Friday, January 16, 2009

Miracle on the Hudson

Like everyone else I am fascinated by and thrilled at the near miraculous safe landing of the US Airways plane via water ditching, impeccably done and the very classy contributions of all the passengers in their mutual survival. I'm proud of everyone, especially the hero pilot and his co-pilot, and thank God for his mercy.

If the guardian angels were to comment on this I think they would say of the pilot that "He was very easy to work with."

An event like this is time to remember that as there were one hundred and fifty people on board, there were one hundred and fifty guardian angels too (who would have accompanied each person however it turned out) and of course, the Holy Spirit is everywhere...

Through that they would mean that his great talent and years of experience allowed the best possible grace of assistance to flow. Miracles work with natural law and physics, not against it, so angels appreciate someone who is in command. The only one who regularly worked miraculous wonders to change the operation of natural law was, of course, Jesus Christ.

Well, I enjoyed listening to the interviews today and look forward to much more on this thankfully happy subject!