Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bible Reading: Baruch 6:58-64

How much better to be a king displaying his valor, or a handy tool in a house, the joy of its owner, than these false gods; or the door of a house that keeps safe those who are within, rather than these false gods; or a wooden post in a palace, rather than these false gods!

The sun and moon and stars are bright, and obedient in the service for which they are sent. Likewise the lightning, when it flashes is a goodly sight; and the same wind blows over all the land. The clouds, too, when commanded by God to proceed across the whole world, fulfill the order; and fire, sent from on high to burn up the mountains and the forests, does what has been commanded.

But these false gods are not their equal, whether in beauty or in power; so that it is unthinkable, and cannot be claimed, that they are gods. They can neither execute judgment, nor benefit man. Know, therefore, that they are not gods, and do not fear them.