Monday, January 12, 2009

The tragedy of misguided revenge

The tragedy of misguided revenge

I’ve blogged about this before, but I know that unless I repeat things over and over, it just doesn’t “take” with those who have been raised with a warped mindset and broken emotional humanity. So I will repeat it again, sometimes at a different slant, hoping that each time it sinks in, and that people’s sad and deranged minds clear enough that they see the correlation between what I say and reality.

There are people who carry grudges and who act upon them, destroying people’s lives (including my own) because they think they are “avenging” loved ones who had tragic demises befall them. They think that their loved ones were “harmed” by people with “past lives.” So they carry these imaginary “beefs” into their current one and only life, based on misinterpreting why “bad things happen to good people.” They go so far as to believe that they are grandiose people who are reincarnated, and who bring their “ongoing” tragedies “into” their “current” lives.

As I’ve repeatedly explained, there is no such thing as reincarnation. Those who are of the New Age believers (as compared to the traditionalists who inherit that faith) are remarkably uneducated in science and biology, because they latch onto “reincarnation” as the “only explanation” for “what they have experienced,” even though there are a dozen more plausible explanations at ANY given time. They are too puffed up with their own “tragedy” to have even investigated one bit of cold hard science that could have genuinely enlightened and comforted them. Gosh, I think that a “just the facts” genius scientifically education atheist ought to be paired up with each inflated New Age reincarnation believer in order to provide them with the part of the brain they obviously do not use of their own. It would be like a brain backpack used to detox from bullshit.

Obviously that is a wish that I can’t imagine seeing fulfilled any time soon (not enough good well educated atheists around when you need them and those that exist I doubt want to hang around with pot smoking New Agers who refuse to crack the spine of a science text book but are eager to crack less productive things).

So all I can do it once again issue my expertise, which is a dire warning-AGAIN. Those of you who have harmed people thinking that you are “restoring the balance” and “settling grudges” are doomed to hell, and there is simply no nice way to put it. In fact, your followers who have been vengeful against others in the delusion that they are “reincarnated” and “settling the score” are already burning in hell for eternity, if they have died. Those of your followers who are still alive and active in this “reincarnation revenge squad” are walking on the path to hell, and there is no mistaking about that. Revenge based on fallacious occult beliefs is such a grave sin every way that you look at it that it is appalling and disturbing to even think about. Not only do you deprive the innocent of their lives and their peace of mind, through your revenge schemes, but you have also led people away from faith and belief in God, faith they might otherwise have found. Thus you do Satan’s work on multiple mortal sinful levels and it does not take the smartest person on the planet to realize that you have created the perfect formula for going to hell.

There are three unforgivable things in life. One is to take away the life of another human being unjustly. One is to take away their faith, or block them from every finding it and thus knowing God and his existence. The third is to “let” someone live but destroy their peace of mind, through stalking and tormenting them, ruining their childhood, or arranging hurtful scenarios to ruin their sanity or their sense of peaceful reality.

Those of you who have harmed others in your depraved New Age “belief” that you are restoring some sort of “balance” and avenging loved ones have only robbed your loved ones of your and everyone else’s company in heaven, should your loved one have achieved heaven upon death. Everyone that you have recruited to “avenge” your loved one from imaginary slights and wrongs (such as thinking she “got cancer” because of “bad past life spirits”) and yourselves are all destined for hell because of your persistent cruel error. If your loved one is in heaven he or she certainly is not seeing any loved ones who have died and who were engaged in this type of “avenging” activity on their “behalf.” So those who blindly followed you in your revenge and “balance” seeking and who have died are now roasting for eternity in hell. God help them, because you sure didn’t.

Whenever I think about those of you still doing this who are alive, I have a manifestation from God. When I think of you (which is as little as possible) I feel the fire of hell under my feet (and it sure is not burning me). This is the constant reinforcement that I have that there are those of you who are still in these vile activities and beliefs, are walking on a burning path to hell and will receive God’s promised, guaranteed response when “your time is up.” If your loved ones are in heaven they’ve sure made new friends, since none of you who worked to “avenge” them or “restore the balance” are there or will be there, unrepentant, you better understand that Buster.

In case some of you who are reading this do not know these types of people (or you think you don’t know them, but trust me, there are a lot of them around) wonder why I am so forceful, let me give you an example of how they think. Suppose one of their loved ones develops breast cancer and she dies. They are too evil and stupid to realize that cancer is caused by genetics, diet, environmental toxins, mutation, radiation, in other words, a long list of rational scientific reasons. They figure that someone out there-maybe you-“caused” her cancer because of your “evil spirits” or “past lives.” They will try to find a way to cause cancer in you to “even the balance.” If you get a bump and have a doctor check it, he or she will be sure to say it is cancerous and put you under surgery in order to avenge themselves on you, you know, take one of your boobs because it’s only fair (and actually ‘helping you’) since “you” “caused their loved one” to “get cancer.” Yes, this happens, for a fact. If one of their loved ones gets sick, in an accident, or dies, they shop around for someone to blame, and they will bring their wrath upon you in the “same way.” I cannot tell you how many lives they have destroyed, including my own.

Like the downtrodden throughout history all one can do is pray to God that these evil people realize that they are totally wrong, and also pray to God that he will destroy them in punishment for their sin, casting them into the hell that they have ordered and insisted upon for themselves. Hell is far more terrible than can be described and by the way, Satan likes to mimic what the evil doer has done, except he does it for all eternity (imagine that operating table with Satan in charge! And you can never leave it!) I don’t want to see that happen to anyone and that is why I continue to try to reason with these people even as I have been beaten to a spiritual pulp and no longer enjoy life. Every time “one of them” dies I think, “Well, they missed their chance to make things genuinely right and to repent, and now they will pay the price for all eternity.” Ironically, it’s the last thing their “loved one” would have wanted, if he or she has achieved heaven and knows the truth of things. But they will never see their loved one “avengers” again, because the hating deluded occultists have chosen the other place, and woe is to them. The Qur’an is more descriptive of hell than the Bible is and believe me, the Qur’an is much lighter in description than is the reality of hell.