Sunday, January 11, 2009

Spent all day working on scrapbooking

I have worked all day on the hobby of scrapbooking. I have not had any thoughts about the **** that is going on in the world and have just spent all day on this one nice activity, listening to the radio and cooking one simple but good meal (sliced beef with fresh tomatoes, broccoli, carrots and pea pods).

I'm making pages of "favorite things." I have completed two:

Carnations (a favorite flower)
Canada Geese (a favorite bird)

I am now assembling three other pages:

Blue jays (a favorite bird)
Hibiscus tea (a favorite flower and one of my earliest favorite teas)
Puerto Rican hibiscus (I'm going to do several hibiscus pages by species)

That's it. It has worked quite well at keeping my mind off of my crap headed former friends.