Friday, January 2, 2009

The untimely death of Jett Travolta

Many infants, children and young adults die every day, around the world, those who are known, and those who are nameless to all but those who loved them and to God. Therefore I do not normally comment about the passing of a child, but here I feel I must so that people can be strong and have faith and understanding again.

I am not speaking for God, but I am telling you what would be safe and respectful for you to believe. Young Jett would be in heaven, for his being raised without the faith is not a barrier to those who are too young or unable to find their own way to God. He would have been brought to God by his guardian angel, by other angels, and because as far as I can tell his mother could not be there, he would have been comforted in his injury and demise by the Blessed Virgin Mary, whose Motherhood of God and of all was just celebrated in the Church one day ago.

In heaven he would find himself among his own family, those grandparents or great grandparents, or as far back as necessary to find those who have achieved heaven in his family. He would thus be recognized as being with many maw-maws and paw-paws, and would not be frightened at all. His illness and infirmities would be gone and he won't even remember what it was like to have them. He would have new friends too, and I cannot help but keep thinking of Eric Clapton's young son being with him, "showing him the ropes of heaven," for some reason.

The Lord who he probably did not know much about on earth he knows very well and trusts with his whole heart from the get-go. As I said, he has nothing to regret and nothing to confess, and he has only comfort, love, light and wholeness that will last for eternity. He won't be "back" because there is no reincarnation, and eternal bliss is not taken away from anyone once it is given.

Adults who were not helpful to his well-being, both in health and spiritually, will have to answer to God, however, when it is their time of death, during their personal judgment. Know that and prepare, and not with excuses, but with penance and repentance. View being reunited with him when your natural time has come as your personal goal and it won't be so difficult, but things will be quite difficult if you do not repent and amend what you can while you yet live. There is no "But God, I didn't realize" that you can say once you have in actuality died.

While there is no food per se in heaven, since it is not needed, children are able to... how can I put this... experience a feast of those things they loved and enjoyed on earth, but in their equivalent in heaven, where everything is prepared "just for them." The poorest earthly child once in heaven and the wealthiest earthly child once in heaven are equally exalted and lavished in love that is personal to them. That is why some children have their pets in heaven, while others have the feelings that they had from their favorite activities, even if those activities are of the spirit and no longer the limitations of the actual and material. As soon as he arrived he felt that he was always there and by now has probably already shown other "newcomers" "the ropes."

I hope that this gives everyone who reads some comfort and guidance.