Monday, April 21, 2008

Addendum 2

So imagine my disappointment when my body guard, the guy I had married for that purpose, was brought home AGAIN by the police, drunk driving his car into the ditch on his way back from his favorite gay bar.

I had already gotten used to his inviting heroin addict friends who were shooting up to crash in our apartment, leaving the front door open so they could come in while we were in bed. I had also gotten used to the fact that this grown man with a civil service job would poop in his pants if he could not get to the bathroom in time, and then toss his loaded underpants on the floor.

Um, you think that I sought a years long annulment process from the Catholic Church while again my life was in danger? (Unlocked door? Heroin addicts letting themselves in while I'm asleep?) From the Church whose priest had been balling a nun and having a baby? I don't think so.

I got a fast and cheap secular divorce and married my next body guard, a nice Jewish (though agnostic) boy, trained in the martial arts, as fast as I could run. And it worked. While I was married to him I was not sexually abused.

If I had not been stalked and repeatedly threatened with violence, I never would have been married those two times.