Monday, April 7, 2008

Music talk: song "She Can't Find Her Keys"

Reached #19 on the Billboard chart in the USA in 1962. Regular readers of my blog know that I'm very familiar with pop and rock songs going back to the mid 1950's through hearing them on my much older brother's radio. This was a CUTE song with a great musical hook. More innocent times too. Sample it if you can. Here's the opening lyrics:

Lyrics for: She Can't Find Her Keys

When I take my baby home at nightI can't wait to kiss and hold her tightBut by then the time begins to dragWhen she starts searching through her bag"She says just a moment pleaseI can't find my keysAnd here's what happens while he's waiting for her squeeze"She pulls outLipstick, powder, bubble gum and bobby pinsBut she can't find her keys "her keys"Curlers, tweezers, cold creme and candy barsBut she can't find her keys "her keys"Nail file, school books, an autograph of FabianShe can find with easeBut I'm standing here waiting for a goodnight kissCause she can't find her keys. . .

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