Sunday, April 6, 2008

New Age detox and bad news continued

There's another thing you need to know that I know. Virtually every book and magazine that is printed has at least one pair of "New Age" hands and eyes that manipulate the contents so that certain numbered pages have content that they think is "appropriate" to the "numerology" of that number. It's a combination of wanting to send not very nice subliminal messages and of "compensating" for "karma" insanity, as I explained in the previous blog. They edit content, work with story flow, and use pagination and typeset to achieve their objectives. So on pages that have what they think are "bad numbers," for example, they will make sure that material appropriate what what they think that number 'really means' falls on that page. It's literally everywhere, from biographies to cook books to nature books to fiction to non-fiction. In magazines they place advertisements to reinforce their New Age nutty messages. It's not innocent and harmless, even if the vast majority of people do not notice this. Here is why. Once again when one takes up space with nutty beliefs, one is taking that space away from a more neutral or positive message. Second it is like subliminal advertising. Everyone knows about the old scandal of showing fast images of popcorn at the movie theater to create hunger. Imagine if every movie you watch has subliminal messages of a urinal, both literally and spiritually. Yep.