Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cult stalkers at it again

Here's the latest thing they do to harass and harm me. They light cigarette after cigarette and let them burn near where air is taken into my apartment. For example, it comes in through the air vents, and also by the opening in the ceiling where the hot water heater pipes go through. It's been burning nonstop yesterday and today and of course I am breathing nonstop second hand smoke, which is the intention.

So I've opened the door to the utility closet so that the smoke can more freely enter the room. Since I can't stop them and even opening windows does no good, I've decided to let them poison me at their will. So I'm taking deep breaths and sitting near where the smoke most enters my apartment. God sees, knows.

[By the way, here is some background information on why this is a technique of theirs. First of all, cultists mock the use of incense during Catholic and Orthodox religious ceremonies, through the use of cigarette smoke and also pot smoke. Those who are into the Native American cleansing ritual of using sage to "smudge" and thus purify a room also jokingly refer to their pot smoking as "smudging." Cigarette and pot smoke, known cancer causing agents (both for smokers and second hand breathers of the smoke) are also used in express anger and passive aggressive rage toward people whose so called "karma" they blame for the infliction of cancer on someone in their family. Yes, there are people that evil and stupid in the world that they think a family member develops cancer 'because of reincarnation or karma due to or on the behest of someone else's past life issues with them.' Finally, cigarettes and cigars are a shorthand for certain sexual acts, think Bill Clinton and the intern. That type of thing is not uncommon in cult, um, past times and recreation.] Sorry to disgust innocent readers, but it is at the point that you have to know what is going on, as puke making as it is to hear about.