Friday, April 18, 2008

Update on plastic food container danger


ROCHESTER, N.Y.—Hard-plastic Nalgene water bottles made with bisphenol A will be pulled from stores over the next few months because of growing consumer concern over whether the chemical poses a health risk.
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Nalge Nunc International, a division of Waltham, Mass.-based Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., said Friday it will substitute its Nalgene Outdoor line of polycarbonate plastic containers with BPA-free alternatives.
"We continue to believe that Nalgene products containing BPA are safe for their intended use," Steven Silverman, general manager of the Nalgene business, said in a statement. "However, our customers indicated they preferred BPA-free alternatives and we acted in response to those concerns."
With more than 6 million pounds produced in the United States each year, bisphenol A is found in dental sealants, baby bottles, the liners of food cans, CDs and DVDs, eyeglasses and hundreds of household goods.
The U.S. government's National Toxicology Program said this week that there is "some concern" about BPA from experiments on rats that linked the chemical to changes in behavior and the brain, early puberty and possibly precancerous changes in the prostate and breast. While such animal studies only provide "limited evidence" of risk, the draft report said a possible effect on humans "cannot be dismissed."
Highly durable and lightweight, resistant to stains and odors, and able to withstand extremes of hot and cold, screw-cap Nalgene bottles have been marketed as an environmentally responsible substitute for disposable water bottles.

Later in the article they mention that these containers are considered very trendy in their colorful editions with students.

I urge young people and parents to lead the way in making GLASS, which is clean and impurity free, the NEW TREND. It is safe for people and safe for earth. It's heavier to carry and you can't kick them around but gosh, it seems that even a little extra weight to carry (and calories to burn) is a good thing!

Here is what I do. I buy beverages that I like that come in glass bottles and I then reuse the glass bottles as my portable water bottles. You can buy Welch's 100% Grape Juice in a 28 ounce bottle! And you can buy Gold Peak Ice tea in a 16.9 ounce bottle.

Glass is an ancient art, made out of super hot SAND. No artificial chemicals are needed. It is easily recycled and when it's thrown away in landfills, there are no chemicals to leach out of it as it breaks down, so it does not pollute the water table.

REWARD beverage makers who continue to use glass, and urge others to move to glass. It's an important first step. Polluting chemicals in plastic are EVERYWHERE and are a threat to humanity as great as "climate change" and other green issues.

Thank you for all individuals are doing about this problem.