Friday, April 25, 2008

Quick answer about Pelosi comment?

I heard that she incorrectly quoted from the Bible? I don't care enough to look up the quote, but as I heard it on the talk shows it is something about humans having to "minister" to animals. That is incorrect and not at all an accurate quote or intention, if this is what she indeed said. God tells humans to be "good stewards" to the earth. A steward is someone who tends to and maintains the natural resource, but still uses it. A "minister" is someone who preaches, worships and attends to the spiritual well being of humans. You can't and should not "minister" to animals. I hope this is just a grammar and English problem for her, but somehow I don't think so. There is plenty in the Bible about being shepherds, not cruel to animals, and being the good steward, without having to make up plain wrong theology.

As an aside, St. Francis preached to animals only because there were not enough people listening, if you know what I mean. The Bible is full of reference to the glory of God being seen in the landscape and creatures, but they are not to be worshiped. St. Francis preached to the birds, bringing them the word of God; he did not adore the animals, which would be idolatry, pagan and polytheistic. The good shepherd does not worship the sheep. Gosh, I hope she is just confused about her lingo.