Thursday, April 17, 2008

Today's Papal Mass

I enjoyed watching it on the papal visit web site provided by the USCCB. I had trouble having a consistent signal from EWTN yesterday on the web, so the USCCB was great. Sometimes there would be interference with USCCB too (buffering? technical problems) so I listened to ETWN on XM Live channel to tide over the vocals at least when the picture froze. And yesterday the Washington Times web site was a God send as their live coverage come through when I lost the EWTN visual loud and clear. It seems like "belt and suspenders" is needed if one does not have a TV and relies on the radio and the web for coverage!

I thought today's Papal Mass was excellent, very moving, and very appropriate for the place and time. I'll post a few thoughts on some of the complaints I heard, and discussion I know will take place, in the next couple of posts.