Friday, April 11, 2008

Example of removing prayer intercession

OK, here is how smiting and/or the “hardening of heart” works. I think it is important that everyone look at this example. I’ve explained that for years I went “underground” in the New Age, mostly astrology and numerology, network, pretending to be a dumb and drooling novice (but with promising ability) so that I could figure out why so many secular world events seemed to be following astrological principles (which I knew to be total bilge, bunk and garbage). So I would do “astrology readings” for people because those who approached me for readings were the cultists I was studying (just as they thought they were testing me). Where a true situation arose I used my totally silent and undetectable prayer life and relationship with God, while disguising it with use of astrology or tarot cards.

One woman was an unbelievable pest, asking for readings constantly, not only from me but from the “other astrologers” (who were actually her fellow cultists, but they thought I didn’t realize they had existing ties of family and cult). She called herself “April.” (All of this was done with avatars on message boards and email, by the way). She was involved in real estate and tried to make it look like she and her husband were punters, but I could tell that they had substantial investments and despite trying to act like they had financial worries, I could tell that they did not. Years ago she was in hysterics for a good reason: her son was diagnosed with testicular cancer. She wanted constant readings from me and her secret pals about whether he would survive or not. She characterized his occupation as being a “lineman” in communications. “Lineman” is one of what they think are clever terms to “not lie” but not tell the entire truth. Now, I already knew that many “celebrities” were using this astrology board. I did not figure out who they were at the time I was doing these “readings” for them because I was not following the popular media and culture very much, hardly ever turning on the TV or other media. And I was not interested in figuring out who fakers “really were.” I mean, who cares about such shallow people who rake in the money in the public eye, just to turn around and toy with what they thought was a reincarnated dummy for their sick amusement and what they thought was their “spiritual gain.” So I knew they were rich real estate celebrities but didn’t associate the names until a few years later. Anyway, I did have sympathy about her son’s testicular cancer, and so I did prayer intervention, and I reassured her the best that I could, using her chosen terminology of “astrology” and “tarot.” And indeed he did recover, though she never told me that. That is one characteristic of these people. They mine from you whatever spiritual “goodness” they think they can and then they split without follow up or thanks. But lack of gratitude is not a barrier to cure, as Jesus demonstrated when he cured the ten, but only one stayed to thank him and witness to him.

But here is the problem. It is not the lack of thanks, but it is my discovering that she is part of the cult that has manipulated and destroyed my life and the lives of many others through their neo-pagan beliefs. As regular readers know, because these cultists have refused to correct and recompense me and others for what we have (and continue to) suffered, I have stopped my prayer intercession for everyone. I blogged to this effect a while ago, and so now you can see how this is going to work. I’ve withdrawn my prayer intercession for EVERYONE, and that includes her son who was treated for the testicular cancer. Bunkie, you are on your own. I know who you are so I know you can afford the best of medical treatment, and you better hope that the best medical treatment will do the job for you, if and when you need it again. And of course, all cultists can forget being saved when they are judged at their deaths. Hell does not have a broadcast booth, by the way, and it is the agonizing punishment and “show” that never ends.