Monday, April 21, 2008


Since people have been so interested in every aspect of my life, including my brand of toilet paper, here are the facts about why I married in haste.

1) I escaped one attempt to abduct me in my home town when walking home from school. I was around 13 years old, 7th or 8th grade. The man twice attempted to pull me into his car by "offering me a ride" and the third time was filled with rage and hate, his face distorted with rage, screaming at me to "get in the car!" He had to drive off and circle around every time a car approached; this is why there were three attempts as I tried to get home. So he followed me until I was able to hide in a neighbor's garage. I got his license plate number but the police told my mother "they couldn't do anything with only the license plate information." Mom and I both knew that was bull shit, and knew the local police were covering for whoever it was. That same year a young girl was raped, murdered and left in the cemetery of the nearby city.

2) I escaped a second attempt to abduct me when in university. I was traveling on a bird watching camping trip, and while sleeping in the backseat of my car in a rest stop, a truck parked in order to cut off view of my car from the highway. Thinking I was asleep he attempted to silently open my locked car. When he went back to his truck for a tool I climbed over the front seat, started the car and was able to drive away around the truck.

3) In my university apartment, where I lived with 3 girls who were classmates, a neighbor knocked to tell us that there was "something outside of our door." It took us a while to figure out what it was, because the neighbor's dog had gotten at it. It was a condom filled with rotten chopped meat.

4) One evening the boys who were neighbors on the other side of our apartment forced their way into our apartment as me and one of the roommates opened the door. They were drunk and threatened to rape us. My roommate was unbelievably shy and epileptic, and was traumatized to the maximum. I was not enjoying myself either. I was scared for my roommate as much as for me. We could not get them to go. He actually caught me looking at a brick on the bookcase out of the corner of my eye and threatened me with violence if I moved toward the brick to defend us. (I've since learned martial arts and will never get caught eyeing a weapon by an assailant again). One of them took great pleasure in explaining that even if we called the police after raping us, that they were "hooked up" with the local police and it would do us no good. This was Ithaca, New York by the way, if you are interested in the history of corrupt cops, in the 1970's. We finally got them to go, unharmed except scarred forever.

Now, I may not measure at the highest IQ on a standardized test, but I'd have to be a moronic idiot to not realize I was being targeted deliberately. Notice that two incidents have the complicity of the police. This is why I married the first protector I could find (though he turned out to be a total mess, due to alcohol and being a closeted gay).

So I hope those of you who look down your noses at my having been married can have your laugh and shut the **** up, because God will chastize you, as he has and will do so even more, the people who stalked and harmed me.

Think how many family members of your own have been molested, since this type of behavior was condoned toward me. I hope all of you are very pleased with yourselves and where this society has gone into the occult filth sewer.