Thursday, April 3, 2008

More new age detox

Here is another set of analogy and imagery to help new agers detox from numerology fixation. Numerologists are obsessed with numbers and counting, thinking that there are powers and abilities within numbers, which is idolatry by the way. Numbers are simply the capacity to count things for human’s convenience. Life does not need numbers. How long have humans been “civilized?” Say 6000 years. How long have many species been alive at whatever their peak state of evolution is? Hundreds or tens of millions of years. Let’s look at the ancient crocodile. They evolve to settle into thriving in their current environment, where they can find food, water and shelter to raise young. If numerologists were, God forbid, in charge of any part of God’s garden they’d be counting how many fish the average croc eats, how long it is, how many times it walks one direction or the other, etc. If they used the current number system they’d freak out (or nod their heads wisely) whenever certain numbers appear in their measurements. What drunk idiots! How much do crocs eat? “Enough.” How long does each croc grow? “Enough.” How far does it walk in one direction or the other? “Enough.” Crocs live in the world in a state of satisfactory input and output in their environments. Numbers have NO significance unless you were the farmer dude who had to make sure that the river was stocked with enough fish for them to eat, or whatever. Numbers are simply human’s ways of determining in a consistent way what is “enough” for whatever situation is being measured. The number itself and the digits invented by humans to babble to each other when trying to measure “enough” of something has nothing to do with the reality or actuality of life. What idiots who claim otherwise.